Academic Core Members


The Core Members of the Center


 Director if the Center: Dr. Sayyed Ali-Asghar MirBagheri Fard 


Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh

Dr. Mehdi Norian

Dr. Mahmud Aabedi

Dr. Mahmud Baraati

Dr. Tahereh Khoshhal Dastjerdi

Dr. Mohammad Reza Nasr Esfahani

Dr. Yadollah Jalali Bandari

Dr. Ali Mohammad Asiabadi

Dr. Ali Mohammad Moazeni

Dr. Hossein Agha-Hosseini

Dr. Taghi Por Namdarian

 Dr. Eshaagh Toghyani 

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About the Center

A brief introduction of the center and our objectives

Islamic wisdom and mysticism are religious and scientific heritage which can be considered as worthwhile cultural assets. It is essential to investigate and analyze the Islamic Mysticism's invaluable treasure of manuscripts from different perspectives. To this end, they must first be restored and brought out from the form of manuscripts and presented to the scholars in amended and corrected editions. Considering the importance and urgency of the issue, the Center of Excellence in Wisdom Literature and Mystical Texts Studies intends to edit thirty to forty selected mystical texts in its first activity phase, as stated in the proposed plan. Accomplishing this goal will set the groundwork for the precious treasures involving pure thoughts, which are meant to promote human dignity, to be placed in the hands of human society and be applied in various cultural, literary and social channels as well as different human perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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